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She lives in a small town in northern Wisconsin with her husband and two dogs. She enjoys primitive wool rug hooking,teaching rug hooking classes, collecting and decorating with antiques and primitives. Orange Sink Blog is a journal of her interests and ramblings about life.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My New Wool Applique Pattern and Kit Now on ETSY!

I am very pleased to announce my new wool applique pillow pattern is now available on ETSY as well as a limited number of kits for the project!  Click on the photo in the Mini Etsy at the top of my blog and it will take you straight to Etsy!  

I am overwhelmed and humbled by all of your wonderful comments on our booth at the Quilt Event! I wish you all could have been there too!  If anyone ever travels to northern WI be sure to look up Rice Lake and come pay a visit!! The coffee and tea pot are always on!

We had six or seven inches of snow here today... good thing I had lots to do in the studio.. I barely noticed what it was doing outside.  

Later this evening I sat with a glass of wine and watched snow gently falling outside the window. It was relaxing and gave me a chance to reflect.  

Just what I needed today!!

Cathy G

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Quilt Event 2014 Booth Photos

I can hardly believe it's over!  All the work and preparation and within six hours it's history. We sold well. Maybe not as well as last year (our first year). Talking with a couple of other vendors we learned they had lower sales than past years as well.  I would like to talk about some of these things with you in the future but for tonight...on the eve of our successful show I am celebrating!  I met a young lady today.. in fact she was a family friend whom I hadn't seen in years.  She stopped at our booth with her sisters and it happened!  I could see it in her eyes. The instant connection to the thing she had been yearning for. She spoke of not quite knowing what, but knew she was wanting for a hand- craft of some kind that would satisfy a longing in her soul. The act of creating, working with fiber, color, design and something that would connect her to other like-minded women. The finished product was important to her. Something utilitarian perhaps, but beautiful. Something to warm her home and most importantly to mend, nurture and relax her very being.

Exciting isn't it? To witness that instant reaction to what we do. I know it so well as it wasn't that many years ago that I, as a younger lady, had that very same reaction as I wandered through an antique show where rug hooking was introduced to me. It was instant. It was meant to be.

So here are the photos of our booth.  I hope you enjoy meandering through.  

Jill in her "where are all the customers?" pose!  This was taken before the show actually opened.

Here is the new appliqué design I gave you a sneak peak of! My "Flowers in a Basket" Pillow.   What do you think?  I didn't sell one kit or paper pattern.... kind of disappointing... so I will be listing them on Etsy soon!  I did get lots of compliments on it though!

So it's off to la la land for this tired old gal!  

Stay tuned!

Cathy G

Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Bags are Packed and Ready to Go!!

I think everything is packed! I hope our little booth will hold it all!   Tonight is the night we set up  for the 7th annual Quilt Event at St. Joseph's School (details in my last post)  here in Rice Lake, WI!   If you live in our area be sure and stop tomorrow starting at 9:00 am!  The weather here is beautiful FINALLY!!  We may get some rain tomorrow but that's a ton better than snow!!  

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!!

Cathy G


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting Our Eggs in a Row for the Quilt Show!

Eggs, ducks, whatever it is that people like to get in a row,  Jill and I know it's wool that's been "gettin' in row" here at the studio these past few days!  Ahhh... the Quilt Event is sneaking up on us! 

Here is the official flyer for this year's Quilt Event that Jill, (Northwoods Wool) and myself, ( Red House Wool Studio) are vending at.  Last years experience was so wonderful that we knew we'd be back again this year!  With more wool, patterns, threads and a few surprises! 

The photos below are sneak peeks of what we've been working on getting ready for the show!

Jill and I have been up to our elbows in the dye pots!

And I've been sewing and designing a new wool appliqué pattern that I will be revealing at the show! There's a paper pattern for it and a few limited edition kits available only at the show!  My very first wool appliqué design!  I'm so excited!  We hope you'll come see us April 12th at the St.Joseph's School Gymnasium!  I hear it's been remodeled since last year with new flooring and new lighting!  I can hardly wait to see it!

It will be just the fix we need to shake the longest winter EVER from our minds!  So grab a friend and come have some fun!
The food court is awesome!  The pies are heavenly! 

Jill and I will be waiting for you!!

Cathy G

Sneak peek of my new design!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

They Came With Flowers!!

Today was a beautiful, busy day here in the studio!  My friends came  from Grantsburg, WI to spend the day hooking, chatting, snacking and sharing their latest projects!  AND they came with this HUGE beautiful bouquet of fresh Spring flowers!!  How they spoil me!  The day flew by as we color planned, hooked and admired the rugs they are working on!

Meet Sharon!  She is working on quite a few projects. The rug she's working on in this photo she's hooking in a nine cut!   I'll have to catch photos as she gets a little more hooked!  We color planned her next rug, a design by Sharon Smith, you can see a glimpse of the pattern cover in the lower left corner!  Sharon is so pretty!  Long beautiful hair!  She's a bit camera shy so I had to snap quite a few before I caught her looking up!  

Here is Cindy!  She's a hairdresser when she's not hooking rugs!  Oh and look at the footstool cover she just finished hooking!  She is working on a proddy edge for it so will have to try to get a photo of the finished piece!  She ran out of wool for the background a few times... we fixed her up with colors that blended quite well... but she's no stranger to reverse hooking! She has a lot of rugs and projects in the making too!  I think next month when we get together again the girls will bring more to show and tell!
Don't you love Cindy's hair?  She's such a cutie!   Makes me want to chop my long white mane off for summer.... hmmmm will have to think about that!  LOL!  

Will you take a look at this fabulous rug!!  It is a footstool cover being hooked by Elaine!  It is a camping scene that she had specifically drawn by a friend of hers.  It depicts a mountain, camper, river and all the elements of camping outings she enjoys with her family!  I LOVE that old rusty red pick-up truck!  Elaine is working on numerous projects too so hopefully we'll get photos to show the next time they come down for a visit!  
Elaine is a beautiful lady! She makes her scarves, hooks handbags for every sister and niece in her family!  I am hoping she wants to adopt me!!  LOL!!

Elaine hooking on her camping footstool cover rug.

I hope to post the official announcement about the Quilt Event Jill and I are planning to vend at here in Rice Lake.  It is coming up soon... April 12th to be exact!  Details to follow!  I guess I better quit having so much fun and get to work!!

Cathy G