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She lives in a small town in northern Wisconsin with her husband and two dogs. She enjoys primitive wool rug hooking,teaching rug hooking classes, collecting and decorating with antiques and primitives. Orange Sink Blog is a journal of her interests and ramblings about life.

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Feather Tree Pattern Freebie!

The elves here at Red House Wool Studio have been hard at work trying to teach their boss ( me..Cathy G.) how to share a file of a pattern with my blog readers.  Well after much discussion on the subject of trying to teach an old blogger new tricks I am hoping this works!

So here goes!!  My gift to you the pattern for the Feather Tree rug I designed a couple of years ago!
One of my all time favorites to hook!
It hooks up real quick!
I made mine 7 by 14 inches and you can see it in the photo above hanging on the door of my old cupboard in the studio!

I am hoping you can click on the photo or drag it to your desktop and print it out!  You will have to reduce ( which would be nice for punch needle or enlarge for rug hooking).  In any event I hope you are more computer savy than this old broad!!  Tee Hee!!
So enjoy dear friends and may you all have a Joyous Christmas and Blessings a Plenty in the coming New Year!!

Send me pics of your Feather Tree rugs!!

Cathy G

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Time is Nigh.... For "Chill" to Fly....

He's done his deed.....
with frosty speed

He's swept the names of hopeful dames
into a hat

imagine that.... 

The stars align
The sun will shine
and Mr. Chill




Congrats my dear friend!! 

 That was fun! 

But wait....everybody else... you better not pout... I'm tellin' you why...
I've got something up...
So keep your eye 
the blog Orange Sink
 and you'll smile I think!

Merry Christmas my friends!!

Cathy G

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Hole in the Wall!

This morning my kitchen looked like this.  Then ....

...these guys showed up!

Pierce Home Improvements! They are mighty good at cutting holes in walls!!

That was Kevin up there perched on my counter! Man... how does he do that?  
I marvel at the agility of these guys...  

This is Daryl. Owner of Pierce Home Improvements.   He's my second cousin. It's funny how many people you're related to when you've lived your entire life in one area.

Is he laughing at my sink?

It was only 25 degrees here this morning. I had a nice fire going in the wood furnace so we stayed nice and toasty while the cold wind whistled through the big open hole!

By mid afternoon we had two new windows installed!
Didn't take them long at all!



The orange sink remains... but for not much longer.

I'll keep you posted as we continue to make progress on our kitchen remodel!
I'm  so darn happy with these new windows I just had to share today!

Remember too that Friday I will be picking a name out of the hat for the Mr. Chill pattern on Linen!

Go to my last post and leave your name in the comments if you haven't already and would like a chance to win!

Friday will be here before the wink of an eye!!

See you then!!
Cathy G

Monday, December 8, 2014

Mr. Chill Makes a Comeback!

Remember this guy?  He made his appearance back in 2010... where did THAT time go?!! 
I've had quite a few requests for the pattern and decided to put him back in the lineup of my paper patterns over on  www.Etsy.com/shop/Redhousewoolstudio

That's where you can find my paper rug hooking patterns for sale. 

Good ol' Mr. Chill.... still sweeping away and as fun to hook as ever!

The pattern would make a nice gift for those rug hooking friends!

Leave your name in the comments and I'll throw your name in the hat to win Mr. Chill all drawn up on linen.... and you might just find him packing a little wool along for the trip!!

Many many thanks to all my dear blog readers who read and put up with me all through the year!!

Smiles and Hugs!

Cathy G

(Mr. Chill will sweep all the names into a pile and pick one on Friday... Dec. 19th 2014)

Friday, November 28, 2014

A Slow Twinkle!

It started out with just a few little twinkling lights in the living room.  I thought it would help to cheer up the place a bit as we've been having a lot of dark and rather dreery days here in the hinterlands of northern Wisconsin.  Well, one string led to another.  Soon the slow twinkle I had initially planned turned into kind of a Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation sort of thing as I untangled yet another string of mini lights!

Around the double patio doors in the living room.... yep... they have the little mechanism that you control to make them twinkle real fast or my favorite a nice SLOW twinkle! 

Another string found it's way into a wool cupboard in the studio!

More little twinkies on a pine cone wreath!  Deck the Halls!!

I was having fun with my roll of packaging tape ( used to attach the  lights)  and more lights around some shelves in the shop/studio... Fa La La La La~  LOL!

I have to say it's helped brighten up the joint!  No more dark days around the Red House Wool Studio. No siree! We're all lit up like a Christmas tree! 

After all... "Tis the Season"!!

Cathy G